Free pattern of chip from beauty and the beast

Last wednesday i went to the new beauty and the beast movie, and i absolutely loved it ! 

Beauty and the beast has always been my ultimate favorite Disney Princess movie so this real live version was a dream come true ! Ofcourse it helped that Emma watson played Belle because my other huge obsession is Harry potter. 

From the way they made the beast to the fantastic performance of la fou ( never cares for him Until this movie because he was hilarious!!) it really gave me chills. 

But!! There was one thing i was truely dissapointed in … The way they made miss pots and chip ! It just wasnt The same. The colors where very blend and they had hardly Any facial expressions. 

Thats why i made a crochet chip ! And guess what ! You can make it to 😍. I made a free pattern that is available on my Website go look for The free patterns tab on The menu and crochet away ! 

I hope Youll like him 💕

“Until The last petal falls” 🌹 with love ,



Under The sea

Hi everyone 

last time i showed you how i was reorganizing my yarn stash. Well, that inspired me alot so in The near future you can see alot of new designs.

Still one of my favorite things to make are my princesses ! And as it Turns out … there is a new member to join to The crew ❤

She got Fins and rocks the shell bikini like No one ever did Before … can i get a huge applause for ! ARIËL img_5687


I must say , im pretty happy with her and i think she Will fit right in with the other girls. The pattern will be released asap and there will be a Nice discount !

if you want to see more of my crochet adventures just look at my instagram page where i share most of my pictures ( )

see you soon !

The smell of fresh yarn 

There is nothing better than walking in a yarn store, looking at all those beautifull little balls of pure happiness ! 

I like them big and chunky , super soft , and small and colorfull. The ones i really love is The cotton of scheepjes called catona . Catona has The perfect shades and is really shiny . Scheepjes is a dutch brand but very populair arround The world so if you see them you Should really try them out ! 

Anyway , last time i complained about my Wonky Woody and i decided to give him to my Son and let it be . I dont want to make patterns just for The sake of making money and i really want to love what im selling , and Woody ?? I simply did not love 😩. Maybe in The future im trying again but for now its bye bye Woody ! 

What i do LOVE is anything JK Rowling related and after Harry potter and my niffler its time to work on my bowtruckle and on Newt Scamander himself . 

So these fresh little balls of joy Will hopefully turn into a better result than The Woody debacle of 2017 🤣.

Wish me luck ! 

X Anouck 

( you can Find The patterns of The niffler and Harry potter at my Webshop

First time struggle 

Soooooo im sitting here looking at my new doll … and it really frustrates me 😩 

For The first time ever im really hating my own design , im frogging and frogging and still its not growing on me. Im not big on giving up but in this case i think im going to trow this out of the window 😤 

Wondering who’s bugging me ? 

Its Woody ! 

Woody is suppose to be a Nice doll , a friend in me ! But Nooooooooo , not this one ! This Woody is evil and give me nightmares 😂 

So what to do ? Try again ? Or just give up and move on ! 

Help !! 

Spring cleaning !


ok so i know its not spring , by far!! but every new year i feel the need to clean out my yarn.Like so many of us crocheters and yarn o holics i have a lot of yarn ! and with a lot i mean a huge amount of soft colorfull little balls of pure joy !

My yarn drawer is my happy place. Whenever i feel sad or stressed out , i just look at my yarn and i feel inspired and happy ! like Julie Andrews used to sing …

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

(you heard the song in your head right now ..did you!)anyway i think about yarn ! and my ultimate favorite …COTTON. A fresh ball of cotton deserves to be put away nicely, im not a messy person in general so i clean a lot . But if im such a clean freak then why does my yarn stash looks like its just been attacked by cats ?? right ! it doesnt make sense, so my new years resolution was to give my baby’s a happy environment. It took me one hour while i watched netflix ( im hooked on full house ) and tadaaaaaa it looks fabulous dont you think ? ..So with this post im going to ask you ….how are your yarn babies doing?


About me ( over mij )


Ik ben Anouck Specker een 31 jarige wervelwind uit Vlaardingen. Met deze blog wil ik jullie meenemen in mijn wereld die gevuld is met gekleurde bolletjes wol , haaknaalden en mijn avonturen als patroon ontwerpster !

Ik zal vaak afwijken naar mijn drukke leventje thuis want daar spelen al mijn avonturen zich af !

Ik heb 2 kinderen ( bobby 9 jaar & Lily 3 jaar ) een man en een hond, aardig huisje boompje beestje zou je zeggen ;), en hoewel we volgens het boekje aardig idyllisch lijken is het in de praktijk alles behalve zo , wij zijn 4 drukke persoonlijkheden wat zich de nodige hilariteiten kan opleven . ( terwijl ik dit stukje schrijf is mijn dochter druk bezig haar boterham te verstoppen in de speelgoedkist , haar vlokken had ze er tenslotte al afgegeten )

Ik heb een eigen website waar ik mijn haakpatronen verkoop en daar ben ik naast mijn werk en gezin veel tijd aan kwijt ( nieuwsgierig ?? )

ik hoop dat jullie veel leesplezier en inspiratie zullen opdoen vanuit deze blog !

Tot snel en veel liefs


hi and welcome to this blog !

My name is Anouck Specker , im from Vlaardingen in The netherlands ( next to Rotterdam) and with this blog ill give you a look in my crazy colorfull crochet Life.

I am a mother of two kids ( bobby 9 years old & Lily 3 years old ) a wife and dog owner . Sounds pretty perfect right ? Well guess again ! We are a pretty crazy group ( my daughter is hiding her sandwich in The toy chest as we speak , after all she ate all her chocolate of The Bread so Why eat The whole thing right ?) we are always busy but have alot of Fun together

When im not busy with my family i crochet …alot ! I love working with yarn and designing my own patterns ( wich i sell on ) and i never go out of The door without a w.i.p in my bag !

so enjoy this glimps in my Life !

Until later !, with love