Free pattern of chip from beauty and the beast

Last wednesday i went to the new beauty and the beast movie, and i absolutely loved it ! 

Beauty and the beast has always been my ultimate favorite Disney Princess movie so this real live version was a dream come true ! Ofcourse it helped that Emma watson played Belle because my other huge obsession is Harry potter. 

From the way they made the beast to the fantastic performance of la fou ( never cares for him Until this movie because he was hilarious!!) it really gave me chills. 

But!! There was one thing i was truely dissapointed in … The way they made miss pots and chip ! It just wasnt The same. The colors where very blend and they had hardly Any facial expressions. 

Thats why i made a crochet chip ! And guess what ! You can make it to 😍. I made a free pattern that is available on my Website go look for The free patterns tab on The menu and crochet away ! 

I hope Youll like him 💕

“Until The last petal falls” 🌹 with love ,