The smell of fresh yarn 

There is nothing better than walking in a yarn store, looking at all those beautifull little balls of pure happiness ! 

I like them big and chunky , super soft , and small and colorfull. The ones i really love is The cotton of scheepjes called catona . Catona has The perfect shades and is really shiny . Scheepjes is a dutch brand but very populair arround The world so if you see them you Should really try them out ! 

Anyway , last time i complained about my Wonky Woody and i decided to give him to my Son and let it be . I dont want to make patterns just for The sake of making money and i really want to love what im selling , and Woody ?? I simply did not love 😩. Maybe in The future im trying again but for now its bye bye Woody ! 

What i do LOVE is anything JK Rowling related and after Harry potter and my niffler its time to work on my bowtruckle and on Newt Scamander himself . 

So these fresh little balls of joy Will hopefully turn into a better result than The Woody debacle of 2017 🤣.

Wish me luck ! 

X Anouck 

( you can Find The patterns of The niffler and Harry potter at my Webshop


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