First time struggle 

Soooooo im sitting here looking at my new doll … and it really frustrates me 😩 

For The first time ever im really hating my own design , im frogging and frogging and still its not growing on me. Im not big on giving up but in this case i think im going to trow this out of the window 😤 

Wondering who’s bugging me ? 

Its Woody ! 

Woody is suppose to be a Nice doll , a friend in me ! But Nooooooooo , not this one ! This Woody is evil and give me nightmares 😂 

So what to do ? Try again ? Or just give up and move on ! 

Help !! 


Een gedachte over “First time struggle 

  1. I’m thinking you don’t like his head…your other dolls don’t look like the head is a continuation of their body, if that makes sense. If you could make his head and face “stand out” more? But I’m liking him!

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